Brainwaves & Braindumps is the personal blog site of Ram Narayanan Sastry. This site is all about articles on project management, Finance and Career Guidance. Ram has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and has seen the big booms and big busts of the fledging industry.

Alongwith Ram, currently Mr. Venkata Ramani also contributes articles to this blog site mostly related to finance. Mr. Venkata Ramani has been in the field of Finance and Accounts for the past 30 years and brings his rich experience to his articles. He is currently working as a Sr. consultant to an emerging IT firm in Chennai.


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  1. Dear sir,
    I own a house in my name since 1992 and i have sale proceeds amount of my ancestral home which was sold in DEC2011. whether i am eligible for LTCG if I buy/construct one more house within the stipulated time. please reply to my e-mail ID: ks3prasanna@yahoo.com.
    thanking you,

  2. Hello Mr. Venkatarama, I have a case related to capital gains. The ITO has given some order, which I want to appeal against. Wanted to get some advice on similar cases in the past. It would be good if you can reply or let me know your number to call and consult you..

    Here is a brief of my case:

    I purchased a residential plot and failed to finish my construction within 3 years and paid my tax at the end of the 3rd year. Where as the ITO has taxed me in year I had capital gains. How do I know in the beginning itself that I will fail to construct the house within 3 years?

    If there are any such cases, please share!


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