In this blog, I will focus on a couple of places near Cherrapunjee. Cherrapunjee, locally known as Sohra, used to be the world’s most rainiest place, now it is the world’s second most rainiest place.

Thangkharang Park
Thangakharang Park is situated at a distance of around 12 Km from Cherrapunjee. The park provides visitors a balcony view of Bangladesh. From the park, the plains of Bangladesh and its borders with India is clearly visible. The difference in the landscape is also very contrasting with the hilly terrain in India whereas the Bangladesh portion is basically plains below. The winding roads weaving their way around the hills also add to the beauty of the landscape. The park is a photographers delight and provides a lot of opportunities for nature and landscape photography.


Very close to the Thangkharang Park is the Khoh Ramrah rock which is also called as the Shiva Rock. This rock looks like a svayambhu Shivling overlooking the Indo-Bangla border. This is another place for excellent scenes for photography.


Personal Rating on a scale of 10
6 (Wonderful view of the Sohra Valley and Bangladesh Plains)

Mawsmai Caves
Mawsmai Caves is a set of limestone caves situated around 6 kms away from Cherrapunjee. Over the ages the limestone in the cave has undergone a lot of natural abrasion. The result is wonderful stalagmites and stalactites of numerous shapes and sizes that line up these caves.

Though the caves are pretty long, visitors are allowed to trek through a distance of around 150 meters inside the cave. Though the distance seems pretty small it takes a decent while to trek through as the terrain is very uneven. At a couple of places, it is completely dark with minimal visibility. Also there are portions which are very small and requires one to creep through on all fours.

When we visited a slightly obese gentlemen actually got stuck and needed help to clear through one such portion. People with knee and leg problems will struggle and it is better that they stay out of these caves.

Personal Rating on a scale of 10
6 (I always enjoy action and the trek through the caves was interesting as all of us had to help each other to move forward.)

So which place beat Cherrapunjee to be the wettest place in the world?

The answer is Mawsynram which is 16 Kms from Cherrapunjee.


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