Tourism to India – North East Destinations – II

Elephant Falls (Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew)
Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew in local tongue means the “Three Step Waterfalls”, is literally a Three Step Waterfall. Later on the British renamed this waterfall as the Elephant Falls as there was a Elephant shaped rock overseeing these waterfalls. Unfortunately, this rock got destroyed during an earth quake a century ago and so basically there is no Elephant in the Elephant falls. Elephant falls is around 12 Km from Shillong.

There are three stages and each stage is a minor waterfall on its own. Tourists can go down from the top of the waterfall (Stage 1) to the bottom of the waterfall (Stage 3) using the steps built there. For elderly people or people with problems in walking it is an hectic task.


Individually none of the waterfalls are too great, but from the bottom the view of the waterfall is beautiful.

Personal Rating on a scale of 10
5 (A decent waterfall, but it is not the greatest waterfall)

But for those of us who want to experience the local culture, there is an opportunity to dress up as the local Khasi tribe members and experience the feel of Khasi dressing which is definitely unique. It is this part that makes this destination worth the visit.


Seven Sister Falls (Nohsngithiang Falls)
Nohsngithiang Falls or Seven Sister Falls is waterfall that is segmented into 7 falls and looks beautiful when it is in full flow. These falls are 1 Km from Mawsmai village.

Unfortunately, for us when we went in December, there was not very much water and there was just a small trickle of water. So if you are not going during the monsoon season, then you can skip these falls altogether and focus on other spots.

Other Waterfalls nearby
Dainthlen Falls, Nohkalikai falls, Kynrem Falls, Khoh Ramhah, Spread Eagle Falls, Sweet Falls, Weinia Falls, Thum Falls, Krang Suri, Tyrshi Falls, Thlumuwi Falls, Pelga Falls

Most of these waterfalls are only active during the monsoon periods. Also, these falls are spread across the mountains, so the travel time to check out all these places are significantly high. Better earmark 1 or 2 falls and workout a suitable schedule with your travel agent.


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