Demonetization – The Real Story

While the media currently discusses Demonetization with colored glasses, they are missing the biggest story to emerge from this announcement. The story is actually the story of Real India. This also emphasizes the fact that most of us have realized over the past 5-6 years that the so-called mainstream media has lost the touch with the people of this country and hence are unreliable and at times deceitful to say the least.

Drive for Change

For too long have the politicians and media have been touting the “chalta hai” nature of Indians and have cited it as a reason for why changes cannot be done. Any good move or possibility is shelved just because these so called intellectuals feel that the “lower-level” people commonly known as the common man would be affected!!

The response of the common man to the current move of the government is to be seen to be believed. He is standing in the line, complaining a bit, but more excited than ever to see somebody at least trying to clear the rot. The common man is willing to come out of his comfort zone even though he is not sure if this drive will be successful, because he does not believe in the “chalta hai” attitude imposed on him by the elitist.

Remember this was the same common man who thronged the streets when Anna called and when Nirbhaya happened!! The mood of the nation has changed from “words” to “action”. Since 2014, the nation has repeatedly shown that it is interested in seeing some action be it Modi, Nitish or even Kejriwal (in whom nation saw the possibility of a new type of politics!!). The world is now taking notice of this drive for change and the status quo is no longer acceptable to Indians. What is still not clear is how far are people willing to go and time will tell us that!!

Tolerance of Indian Society

The real fact of who is intolerant in the Indian Society has come out for all to see. It is not the common man, the white collared worker, the blue collared worker, the laborers, the farmers and daily wage earners who are complaining about this move. The complaints are coming from politicians and so called media experts. Suddenly many of the maids and household helps of media houses need surgeries for their near and dear ones and had a bag full of 500 and 1000 Rs. notes just when the PM announced this move. The wholly fabricated nature of this kind of reporting has been exposed. Hoax News of people dying due to demonetization side-affects only to be denied with an apology in an indiscreet corner of the newspaper has started to appear.

While all this was happening we see the Indian citizens taking time out to help others in need. Be it the people distributing tea and bananas to people standing in the queues or the people who are helping others stuck with 500 Rs. notes for their daily provision or milk till they can get their exchange done. Or the back breaking effort put in by our banking community to help accelerate this process. No one discriminated based on caste, religion or creed.

Of course, this is not news worthy enough to share with the world for our News media!! After all, showing the true nature of India is not in their interests, but showing India as an intolerant society where each individual only thinks about his caste and his religion and hates everyone else is what sells for them!! But, in today’s Internet economy, the world is beginning to sit up and take notice. With so many of us Indians, becoming ambassadors of our country and putting the right perspective in front of the world, the truth is beginning to slowly dawn on these kind of news!!

Request!! Don’t Profess!!

Modi requested people to give up their Gas Subsidy and they gave up. Modi requested banks to open Jan Dhan accounts for millions of unbanked and they did it in record time. Modi requested citizens to bear with the pain of demonetization and they are doing it sometimes with a smile, sometimes cribbing, but none-the-less doing it. On the other hand, all previous governments treated citizens as if they are kids, so we had License Raj, Inspector Raj, Gazetted Officer Raj, Complicated Rules and Discretion of the few and above all the Package politics.

Politician after politician will talk about a scheme and how it will benefit sections of the public, but the implementation will be in the hands of some guy who suddenly becomes powerful and hence the source of corruption. Rajiv Gandhi mentioned that for every central scheme for each Re. spent only 5 paise reaches the intended audience. Subsequent Governments ensured that only 1 paise reaches the intended audience!!

On the other hand, when the Prime Minister directly requested the Indian Citizens placing trust on them, the response has shocked the elitist. Every day in studios we can see the irritated looks on the faces of these elitist as the world of their importance is collapsing all around them as the citizens of India prove that they are more reasonable and reliable then these elitist. For these elitist, the corrupt picture they had painted of the whole of India while they were the ones who were either corrupt or shielding the corrupt, suddenly is falling to pieces. People have come out in the open and said I am not corrupt and I am willing to go through the pain to prove that I am not corrupt. If you request me, I will bear the pain to prove it.

Acche Din!!

I do not know if the “Acche Din” are here or not, but history tells us that whenever the elitist in the society are brought to the levels of the general public, it has always been good for the society and the country. In the past, India has re-invented itself many times over, from the recklessness of Kshatriyas, from the elitism of Brahmins, from one religion dominating and imposing itself on other religions, from social evils such as Sati and so on.

The one thing in common in all these movements is that the leaders of these movements or upheavals asked the general public to help and the general public saw the nobility of the cause and supported whole-heartedly. None of these changes were easy or successful with a single stroke, but all of these came to a pass.

Maybe a new dawn is arising, maybe we are preparing ourselves for the next big equalization of our society yet again. For those, who say that we will be corrupt again and this measures do not guarantee that this will not happen in future, I agree. But, always remember one thing: “It is never of question of “IF” but a question of “When” a law or rule becomes bad or evil.” So the only way to fight against corruption is to keep re-inventing ourselves every time the corrupt learn to break a law or rule. History teaches us that the fight of Good over Evil is an eternal fight and the only way to improve is keep fighting for the noble cause!!


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