Can the Modi Government ease the migration woes in the country?

So the Modi government has taken over and has initiated some bold steps in redefining the governance model of the country. The much needed overhaul has begun. As part of this overhaul has been the relaunch of the PMO India site through which individuals can send their views / grievances to the Prime Minister of India. I decided to test this feature and how active this government was really to hearing the views of its citizens by sending my first feedback to the PMO.

The topic which I addressed is one that I am sure is close to many others like me who form the roving population of India. By roving population, I mean people who move across the country to different locations in search of their dream job. But before they settle down with this dream, is the nightmare of changing the address on all their identity documents be it Passports, Driving Licenses, PAN, Aadhar and Ration Card. People have to run from one department to another to get these done. To make matters worse different states have different laws for some of these documents under state jurisdiction such as Driving Licenses and Ration Cards.

Of course, there are agents who can help, but then you never have any idea whether they are doing legal or illegal means to get your these documents. Later on when something goes wrong, it is you in the firing line and not these agents. Also, with corruption being very high in Indian beauracracy there is no limit to which you need to spend and hope things get done.

In this regard, my appeal to the honorable Prime Minister is the setting up of an Internal Migrant services office in all states where individuals can submit all the relevant documents and then get the changes done when they move to another state with minimum of fuss. Of course, I believe that most of us would not mind paying a transparent fees which these services will charge. All we ask for is transparency and accountability and not freebies. Though this might look as a small issue compared to the bigger issues confronting this government, this is one of the key issues that really hurts the common people most and contributes to the feeling of corruption that swept the country last year. Any step on this front will be a major step in an accountable and corruption free beauracracy.

I am now awaiting the response to see whether this is just another public stunt of a new government or whether they mean serious business. So far immediately after I sent the message to the PMO, I got a auto reply stating that my view will be looked into and is under review. And now the wait begins…


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