Every month, a fixed amount is deducted from an employee’s salary and deposited in the employee provident fund by the employer, who contributes the same amount. This sum earns an interest, which is also credited to the employee’s account. The Employee Providend Fund (EPFO) website offers an online service, which helps the employees know the balance in their accounts.

Access: The information can be accessed at The details of the account have to be provided as required.

Information: From the dropdown menu, the member needs to select the EPFO office state and EPFO office where the employee’s account is maintained by the employer.

Account number: The member needs to enter his EPF number, which can be obtained from the employer. If the account does not have an extension number, the field can be left blank.

Text on mobile: Once personal details like name and mobile number are submitted, the EPF account balance information is sent to the member by a text message on the mobile number.

Points to note

* The name and EPF account number in the form should be accurate and exactly as they appear in the records.

* It shows the balance in the EPF account up to the date till which the accounts have been updated.

* The balance also reveals the latest approved transactions related to settlements/ advances/ EPF balance transfer, if any.

(The content on this page is courtesy Centre for Investment Education and Learning (CIEL). Contributions by Sunita Abraham, Girija Gadre and Arti Bhargava. And economic times.)
Circulated for the benefit of wide readership


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