File your income tax return sitting in the house in India in selected cities

In order to help the tax payer, income tax dept has started two new tax payer friendly schemes called

  1. Register yourself for home visit (for preparation and filing of IT returns)
  2. Online income tax help.

For taking any one of the above help modes, the tax payer has to visit the website and choose the one convenient to him. If he is novice, it is better to take and for others who knows how to fill up the return but have doubts can prefer second one.
If one chooses (a), he will be asked to indicate in brief the help required by them and a convenient date and time when the Tax Return Preparer (TRP) can visit them for assistance. The help desk will forward the query of the taxpayer to the nearest available TRP and fix the appointment telephonically. At the appointed date and time, the TRP will visit the taxpayer and render assistance. The facility is aimed to facilitate taxpayers in filing their return and thereby reducing their cost of compliance. For TRPs, Income tax dept has allowed to collect fee from the taxpayers as per the TRP notification subject to a maximum of Rs. 250 per return preparation and also incentive upto Rs.1000 maximum based on certain % worked out by income tax dept. The facility for home visit by TRPs has been presently made available in almost all capital cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi, Patna etc. The TRP scheme call center 1800-10-23738 may be called for further information regarding these initiatives. The TRPs are self employed graduates who are trained by the Income Tax Department for filing of Income Tax Returns as well as quarterly TDS statements.Since they may not be able to tackle complicated income tax problems which may reflect in returns, it is better to approach Chartered Accountants in those cases.

On choosing the option b i.e. online tax help, the taxpayer can fill in his tax related query along with his contact details. The online query will be resolved by tax experts through Email or Phone within 24 hours.



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