Do you know that cooking gas cylinders have its expiry date? Have u checked it during delivery?

Generally customers are unaware of the fact that these cylinders, too, have an expiry date which is printed on the pillars of the cylinders. Cooking gas cylinders have expiry date for its capacity to hold gas and to face wear and tear. In order to know this, we have to find the specific number in gas cylinder delivered at home. The ladies in the house should be aware of this so that they can refuse to accept expired date gas cylinders. This happens due to carelessness of indane gas filling agencies.

Where to find out the specific number?
The gas cylinder is having at the top round portion and bottom gas filled portion. Both the portions are connected by three vertical plates. Inside it, you can notice some numbers. One such number will be in the following series like A15, B 12, C13 and D17 etc. If you understand what is A, B,C,D, then it is easy to know the expiry date. A means March, B means June, C means September and D means December. The numerals following alphapets denotes the last two digits of validity year. For example, A15 denotes that the cylinder is not to be used after March 2015. C13 means that cylinder is not to be used after September 2013 etc. This simple things house ladies should know so that they can check when the cylinder is received. Indian oil Corpn has done this in order to take care of lives of indane gas users.

C.R. Venkata Ramani


25 thoughts on “Do you know that cooking gas cylinders have its expiry date? Have u checked it during delivery?

    1. .Is it possible to know when a particular cylinder is scheduled for testing?

      Ans: On one of three vertical stay plates (side stems) of the LPG cylinder, the date is coded alpha numerically as A or B or C or D and a two-digit number following this e.g. D10. The alphabets stand for quarters – A for Qtr. ending March (First Qtr), B – Qtr. ending June (Second Qtr), C-Qtr. ending Sept (Third Qtr), & D for Qtr. ending December (Fourth Qtr). The digits stand for the year when the cylinder is due for Statutory testing as explained above. Hence D10 would mean that the particular cylinder is to be taken for the next Statutory Testing by December 2010.

      In any case, this is not the date of EXPIRY of PHYSICAL LIFE of the CYLINDER

      It is further clarified that, during service, every empty LPG cylinder when it comes from the Distributor to the Bottling Plant for filling, is checked for its condition including the marked date for Statutory Testing due. Cylinders due for testing are segregated and sent for testing.

      Every cylinder after its filling with LPG is checked for correctness of its weight and soundness, before despatch to the Distributors. Every care is taken to ensure that cylinders which are safe for use are only sent to our Distributors for further distribution. It means if a customer gets a cylinder in June 2010 with marking as B10, it does not indicate that the physical life of the cylinder has expired. It only means that this cylinder is due for Statutory testing by end June 2010.

  1. Sir,… I had 2*expiry cylinders. I went to my son’s house who is in Singapore. Right now what can I do for that…?! Please.. let me know how to return N take new cylinders. Send full details to my mail ID Sir. I am alone in my house Sir. Son is in foreign country. So, please do this favour N send the information to my mail Sir. I don’t have any source to know it. Think it that u r helping to ur mom.

  2. If a cooking gas cylinder that is meant to expire in 5 years and it is not used at to that date is anything wrong with the cylinder? Tks.

  3. Thank uhh sir for the information….
    now I’ll spread this curicial information to evry1 whom I knw… so they may get awar of expiry date of gas cylinders…..

    1. It is a next testing date. And after this date it is recommended not to use the LPG cylinder as they are not safe and you will be using on your risk. Govt would not be responsible for any mishap and even you can’t get your insurance claims also.

  4. Its very urgent & important news for house wives and all members ,too. It should be know everyone and please promote to all citizens as early as possible.

  5. today i got a cylinder and i check it’s expir and i given a complaint , and they say no expiry date for cylinder, what can i do now

  6. Thanks for this veryuseful information. Somehow this info has to spread to wider audience for their safelty.
    V.Ravi Subramanian

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