Know your income tax jurisdiction in India easily!

In filling the income tax returns, always assessees are getting confusion about jurisdiction of his case under Income tax officer. He wants to know his income tax ward under which he is assessed.  Now in order to help them, income tax office has launched one online service namely “Know your Jurisdiction” site. You have to enter your PAN for getting the details. The steps you have to follow are as follows:

1.Click on the link given hereinunder:

2. You will be asked to enter your PAN number and click submit button.

3. You will get your jurisdiction details.

C.R. Venkata Ramani



9 thoughts on “Know your income tax jurisdiction in India easily!

  1. As we as a whole realize that PAN card is a mendatory report for any budgetary exchange more than Rs. 50,000, so every one of the citizens initially need to link their PAN card with Aadhar card else, they will confront a few troubles. This progression is taken to flush out the copy PAN card and to stop the extortion in pay charge.
    click here

  2. Dear Sir,
    I filed with UTITSL for “changes in PAN” (updated photograph and address change
    from Orissa to Bangalore). The new PAN card was delivered at Bangalore address
    in 2011 but the link you provided shows the old Orissa jurisdiction even in 2013 !
    How do I get the new jurisdictional AO in Bangalore? Who do I contact – UTITSL did
    not help – for the change to come into effect ?

    Can you tell me the correct jurisdiction from the following data ?
    I am : individual
    I am retired and my source of income : pension + LIC annuity + bank interest ;
    My residence address : Marathahalli, Bangalore ;
    My PAN card is in name : P…… C….. C……. (last is surname beginning with C)

    Thanks for the help.

      1. Dear Venkat,

        Which ITO? The whole point of my query is that I don’t know who is “my ITO” !
        I have left Delhi 2 years ago and my PAN address is Bangalore – so, the “old ITO”
        in Delhi is no longer my ITO. And I don’t know my “present ITO” in Bangalore –
        hence my query to you. Your asking me to contact “your ITO” is no answer. Of
        course, I am filing my return with CPC but that is CPC my jurisdictional ITO ?

  3. Dear Venkat
    I the DTAA agreement between India and USA if you refer to Article 4.1 Residence
    first it is explained as what is residence according to laws of the respective countries.
    Then sub-clause reads as under:
    This term does not include any person who is liable to tax in that state in respect only
    of income from sources in that state.
    I requested you clarification for this sub clause

  4. Dear Venkata Ramani
    This is not pertaining to this article. In the past you have been guiding me for many tax matters for which I am ever thankful to you. I want certian guidance.
    I am in US for the past four years. I have green card and I am resident alien. I have no income in the US and I am dependent on my daughter. I have income only in India for which I am paying due taxes and filing returns in India. As you know that in India I am liable to pay taxes only in for my Indian income.
    What guidance I want is I am not very clear about the implication of Article 4, clause
    (a) of the India-USA DTAA as far as I am concerned. Please guide. If you will give me your phone number I will be pleased to talk to you..Thanks.

    1. Dear sir, Since you are NRI and your indian income is taxed as per indian income tax law, I think you will not come under the ambit of any tax in USA as per my understanding. DTAA is made to safeguard the avoidance of tax in both the lands. Since you are not earning any income in USA, you are not liable to pay any taxes in USA. The said clause mentioned by you deals with pensions of trust etc.

      Anyhow if you have any more doubts, you can send me the copy of the relevant section with your queries.


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