Job Hunt in depression/slow down

During depression/slow down, it is difficult to get jobs. There will be tough competition.  In order to overcome this difficulty, some of the tips offered are:

  1. Make your biodata appealable. Show all your strength and achievements. It should not be so elaborate but should tempt the interviewer to ask something on it. But don’t pretend that you know every thing . Such persons will be treated as jack of all trades but master of none.
  2. One should focus on specific companies which perform better than any other companies. You should identify what about that company kindles your interest in it- whether it is their product, services spread, their positioning in the global market or something they are doing unique in the business.
  3. Stop jumping after certain age and tries to settle on any good company where there will be prospects and you will enjoy the work. Your enjoyment of job is more than the salary you are getting as tensions eat away one’s happiness and money! So try to get a job in a good company which is having growing business. If you want to avoid tensions, better prefer to work under any head! Or if you have to work as head, then ask for one deputy to look after certain routine jobs and you can concentrate on main areas.
  4. Tough times call for tough measures and hence you don’t bother about any salary cut under new employer. You can adjust your loss by asking for deferred bonuses, employee stock option , family mediclaim policy including parents etc. Thus though your home take salary every month will be less but wealth creation for future is assured.
  5. You should try to reach the right people in target companies with your biodata. You should not post your biodata on every job portal. One should find their connections in Linkedin and get introduction and then personal meet for getting a job.
  6. Feel relaxed in interview and tell what you want and proper reasons for quitting the previous employment. New employers do not like persons who is going on jumping from one company to another and it is a minus point. Only with proper reasoning, they can accept you as one of their companion .

C.R. Venkata Ramani



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