Performance appraisal – Importance of meeting

In many companies, Performance and development meetings takes place for ensuring proper co-ordination and  direction. These meetings are extremely important. The person conducting this meeting should prepare adequately and conduct them effectively and follow up the results to ensure no deviation except in special cases.

The officer/manager calling such meeting must have developed some initial performance and development plans for employees. He must disclose them in a performance and development meeting. It is called performance and development meeting as it involves not only performance targets but also employees skill up-gradation programmes like training etc. . The manager clarifies in this meeting what he  expects from his sub-ordinates . The plan of action for each sub-ordinates helps to make them to understand what is expected of them and their responsibilities and also the attempt of the company to help them to upgrade their skills using some training ,seminars etc. This plan of action must be aimed to reach the objective of the company thus ultimately achieving the goals. The  employees may also be advised to bring draft performance plan for the said period of performance appraisal.

The responsibilities of manager:

First he should review each sub-ordinate’s draft performance plan and check for its strength for achieving the objectives of employee which is in line to his own objective laid down by company. He can also check for its performance standards, targets dates for completion etc. Also he should check whether his subordinate has sufficient resources and authority to carry out the objectives. Then he can disclose what he expects from his subordinates showing his plan for him.

He should develop specific objective for each employee which will target to achieve his overall performance plan which will in turn help to achieve the target of dept as well as company’s.

He should re-schedule his plan of performance and development planning after discussion with each employee if necessary taking into account real problems or other factors during discussion so that the result of the plan will be fantastic and realistic. Since this plan involves relationship with employees also , may be personal or impersonal.  But no compromise should be accepted if the employees are supposed to bear expected work load and achievement of targets to the pay received.

Also he should assist his employees in identifying and determining priorities in targets finalized.

He should also inform employees about  the weaknesses and plan of company to help them to improve by informing about development areas company has planned like training, seminars, encourage to acquire further skills from academic world etc. Employees own needs as informed by them also should have some consideration if deems fit.

He should maintain up to date file  of each employees with their objectives planned for specific period. He should also develop monitoring tools to ensure continuous progress. Periodic meeting with employees in short intervals will help to  monitor the progress.

If there is change in business plan/objectives of the dept in liaison with company’s plan, then he must re-work the objectives of employees to reflect these changes.

The employees’ responsibilities:

He should know about organization goals i.e. mission  and vision. He should familiarize with departments goals and objectives with the help of his manager.

He should develop skill to prepare his own performance standards and completion deadlines to achieve his department objectives. He should make the company feel that he is a future manager in offing due to his skills, good speed and performance towards targets, giving suggestions to managers so that he can be rated as high skilled one in performance appraisal.

He should concentrate on what are his required data either from customers or from company , decide about resources needed and co-ordination with other departments. If he needs any training etc., this also can be noted and informed to manager in his discussion.

He can also list the  potential problems in achieving targets to be shared with manger during discussion. He can also raise some questions relating to his sphere of action for clarity.

He should re-negotiate the plan of action given by manager if necessary with reasons. Once accepted, he should strive hard to show results.

Preparing for the meeting:

A preliminary meeting  with employees before final meeting is desirable. For this, the following steps to be taken by manager:

Think about company’s goals, objectives concerning his dept./unit. He can inform employees about the meeting in advance giving purpose or agenda for the said meeting. He can plan uninterrupted time for discussion with employees in one to one and then one to all. The place of meeting should be comfortable ,private and meeting should be cordial with mutual trust. Employees are to be asked to prepare a draft of performance  and development objectives . Before this, they should be appraised of what is company looking upon on the said dept in respect of objectives and with the available resources and manpower, these objectives should be achieved. Since each company is wary of expenditure, care has to be taken before asking for any resources more. Also customers should be fully charged for the services required and  they should not be allowed to have free resource’s time. If additional resources required , it should be justified and proper demand is to be made on customers. The manager should think of employees skills, past performance, their physical and mental conditions, their needs to skills upgradation or some other type of support etc.

How to conduct  Final meeting:(one to one/one to all)

The manager/leader has to inform about the main purpose of the discussion.

He should discuss based on the ideas developed for performance plan for the said employee. It should specify targets, how they will be measured and details of support company is giving for achieving them. He can comment on the draft performance paper given in the preliminary meeting and the amends done in his own plan based on it.

He should see that employee is aware of what is expected of him and he agrees on the targets with the available resources provided by company.

The employee and manager sign with date and keep a copy to monitor and review. A copy will be sent to HRD for record purposes which will be filed in employees personal file.

C.R. Venkata Ramani



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