Mobile phones – Hazards- Keep it away from children atleast

Nowadays we are seeing people keeping mobile phone(MP) just like their handkerchief in their pocket. We should remember that it is one instrument to substitute landline phone for emergencies and to talk to our beloved once in a week or month to know their health and other details for few minutes only when we are unable to see them personally due to distance factor. It is a phone on motion for emergencies only but it is used just like eatables whenever one feels to talk to any one, the mobile phone is used. When analyzed, it is used even to say ‘Hello’ and listen to gossip matters. The adults are taking pleasure in training their kids to use the mobile phone at the young age in order to show the world that their children are at the latest technology but fail to understand that emissions from a cell phone cause genetic damage, tumours, memory loss, and increased blood pressure and weakening of the immune system. Monetarily minimal usage of cell phone helps to save money also to be on the humour side.


  1. It is said that 2 minutes exposure to emissions from mobile phone (MP) can disable a safety check in blood causing proteins and toxins to leak into the brain. This in turn could increase the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. MP radiation can cause red blood cells to leak hemoglobin thus leading to heart disease.
  3. Latest studies show a link between brain tumours and emissions from cell phone.
  4. In the same way, the mobile tower if it is near to our residence can cause radiation problems causing health hazards.
  5. Some research, though unconfirmed, shows that mice exposed to radiation of similar kind of MP developed brain tumors which are caused by breaks in their DNA.
  6. Frequent usage of cell phones is one cause of High blood pressure.
  7. Heavily exposed chick embryos were five times less likely to survive thus pregnant women should be careful in usage of mobile phones.
  8. Proven problem is symptoms of hot ears, burning skin, headaches and fatigue for longer usage. This is also in the case of excess computer usage.
  9. The waves from MP applied to rats’ brains showed that Radio frequency could modify signals in the cells in a part of brain that is responsible for learning and short term memory.
  10. The children, because of their smaller heads and higher tissue conductivity, may absorb more energy from MP than adults and thus spoiling their tender tissues.

C.R. Venkata Ramani



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