MNP( mobile number portability) – Part II

For the attention of subscribers, TRAI has given some guidelines for easy transfer of mobile service provider.

The details are:

  1. The facility of mobile number portability will be available throughout India from 20.1.2011.
  2. The porting charge is Rs.19 only.
  3. Porting time will be 7 working days  (15 days for Jammu & Kashmir and North East Region).

The steps are:

  1. We have to contact the new mobile service provider to whom we want to port our mobile number.
  2. We have to obtain Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) & Porting form.
  3. If eligible, we have to obtain ‘Unique porting code’ by sending an SMS from the mobile number we want to port to the number ‘1900’ with text ‘PORT’ followed by a space followed by 10 digit mobile number we want to port.We will be getting Unique porting code.
  4. Then we have to fill up CAF and Porting form along with requisite documents and submit them to the new mobile ervice provider.Paid copy of the last bill issued is a must for post paid subscriber.
  5. For prepaid subscriber, it is better to exhaust all credits in the account and apply for transfer as there will not be transfer of credit balances to new service provider.
  6. We have to obtain new SIM card from the new service provider. We  can also wihdraw our porting request within 24 hours of applying.
  7. Our new service provider will intimate us the date and time of porting on our mobile phone.
  8. We can replace the old SIM with new SIM ater the specified date mentioned as per slno.7.
  9. Our running account balances will be transferred to new service provider and there will be some adjustment between the old and new service provider for the bills not raised.
  10. In all these procedure, our mobile will be off for only one hour just to change the portals of service providers.
  11. We can opt for GSM or CDMA within the state and vice versa.

BSNL is offering free without any fees of Rs.19 for transfer.

C.R. Venkata Ramani


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