TRAI- DO NOT CALL Registry – Relief to mobile phone users- Part I

Nowadays, almost all mobile phone users are disturbed by unsolicited telemarketing calls either orally or written. Though there is provision of ‘Do not call Registry” , it is not properly working. Even the central ministers were not excluded from this nuisance. Since lot of complaints poured in to TRAI, it decided to discipline the telecom companies and telemarketing companies. So it formulated certain rules and released it today for the benefit of mobile phone users. These rules and regulations  is called as “The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2010”. This will be in operation from 1.1.2011.

The salient points given in TRAI notifications are:

  1. This Regulation covers both  Commercial calls as well as SMSs.
  2. There are 2 categories of  registry under “Do not Call Registry”: a)Fully blocked. b) Partially  blocked.
  3. For this, customer has to  approach their customer relations Officers of  telecom companies like Air-tel,  reliance, BSNL etc.(service providers) and book their name under specific  category of registry.
  4. The customer can also  register directly with service providers by ringing up 1909 or sending SMS  to 1909. This service is toll free and the customer will be given a  Registration number. The customer registration will be effective within 7  days of registration unlike in the past which is used to be 45 days. The  customer who are currently registered under “DNC”(Do not call) register  will continue to be registered under the fully blocked category and need  no re-registration.
  5. In Partially blocked  category, he can receive SMSs/calls in the category/categories chosen by  him.
  6. When any customer is  registered in “Do not Call Registry”, he will not receive any commercial  tele-marketing calls. The said telecom companies have to take  responsibility of blocking any tele calls.
  7. There  are seven categories under “Partially blocked category” in which customer  can choose certain categories. They are  1.Banking/insurance/Financial  products/credit cards.  2.Real  estate  3.Education. 4. Health. 5.  Consumer goods/automobiles 6.Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT  7.Tourism and Leisure.
  8. When any  customer is under “Partially blocked “category, it is just like “Do call  Registry”.
  9. TRAI  has directed that no commercial communications whether it is SMSs or calls  should be sent between 9 pm to 9 am for all categories so as not to  disturb the customers at night and busy morning schedules.
  10. The  aggrieved customer under “Do not call registry” has to lodge complaint  with his service provider who is required to take appropriate action in  this matter and inform the customer of the action taken within seven days.

C. R. Venkata Ramani



2 thoughts on “TRAI- DO NOT CALL Registry – Relief to mobile phone users- Part I

  1. Instead of all this scrap y dont TRAI make it mandatory for cell companies to add a column in Application while taking new SIM card which states”DND” or ” Do Not call” etc. so that it will be easy for subscriber to select that option if he is interested not to get calls or mSgs from telemarketing firms.

    Even if subscriber gets msgs or calls after selecting that option TRAI should fine the particular cell phone operator in lakhs per call or per messege.

    then system works….

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