Conducting Effective Lessons Learnt – The Follow Up Phase

The Follow-up Phase

Identifying Lessons Learnt and Best Practices is one thing; actually implementing the action items is a completely different ball game. It is important for teams to identify a proper follow up mechanism to ensure that the action items are properly implemented.


Drivers in this phase: Project Manager / Any other member specifically identified for this.

Participants in this phase: All members with action items

Activities in this phase: Implementation of action items, Collection of metrics to showcase the benefits

Key Points to remember:

  • Some of the action items identified in the Lessons Learnt meeting might not deliver the benefit expected out of them. Such points need to be re-discussed and re-visited during this phase.
  • Gaps between the purpose of the action item and the actual implementation need to be identified and rectified.


Like any other people centric activity, the success of Lessons Learnt process is defined by the maturity level of the people involved. But, this three step process gives more structure to the exercise and not only ensures a more effective Lessons Learnt process, but also ensures that unnecessary bad blood is avoided and each member of the team feels responsible for improving the performance.

– C. V. Ram Narayanan Sastry

(Project Manager)


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