AADHAR (UID project): Help Mr.Nilekani to meet his target

Be well prepared for AADHAR (Unique ID project ) to help Mr.Nilekani to achieve his target
Unque ID Card is the ultimate aim in providing single identify to every citizen of India The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), headed by Nandan Nilekani (Ex-infosysian) is the UPA government’s most ambitious project.

How it is done:
The enrolment officer and the person to be issued ID card (ID person)have to sit opposite to each other. The enrolment officer will be entereing data in his laptop with webcam and whatever he is entering in laptop is reflected in the monitor which is opposite to the ID person to see the document filled by EO. He can verify the details of entry regarding its correctness including the spellings etc. If the person getting enrolled is illiterate, he or she can nominate someone to accompany and verify. There’s a small laser printer behind the EO’s laptop and a webcam, fingerprint reader and iris scanner account for the remainder of the hardware setup, fingerprint reader and iris scanner.

The UID team knows that many of the people may not have any supporting documents to prove their identity. If supporting documents are there, he is allowed to sit for ID card process. Otherwise he is allowed to bring another resident who is already having possession of Aadhaar number . He will be the introducing member just like banks and he may have limited responsibility/risk in case of any police case if the person he introduced happens to be foreigner or ghost person.

Details asked:

  1. Name: First name and last name compulsory. First name is your name and last name is surname. Middle name is optional only.
  2. Gender: Whether Id person is Male or Female or Transgender.
  3. Date of Birth:
  4. Postal Address: It is just for mailing the postal address than actual proof of residence. Address is asked upto flat/house no, street name only. Then PINCODE is asked . Using it rest of the details are filled up automatically using base data storage thus avoiding time waste.

Photograph of the person who is getting enrolled is taken using webcam for printing it on the enrolment receipt . After this, there will be an iris scan where the person has to look into a binocular like device held upright to person’s eye. After this, finger prints of all fingers are taken. First four fingers of each hand followed by both thumps. There the process ends. Eyes and figners are for biometric checking.

The person is given chance for correction of any data. If he is satisfied, he can go with the receipt. He will get the UNIQUE ID number in due course from postal dept and you are sure of remaining Indian citizen.

However, there remains some concerns of identity theft.

For example, the number is linked to ID person fingerprints and the patterns in his eyes. But our eye’s Iris patterns change, with age, disease or malnourishment. Fake fingerprints can very easily be made. Hence, there is chance of these numbers tampered.

Interestingly, even though India seems excited about this project, Britain recently stopped attempts at biometric based identification systems, after warnings that such a database could easily be hacked.

Anyway if this ID can replace multiple ID cards thus relieving indian citizens to carry many cards in his pocket.

C. R. Venkata Ramani



2 thoughts on “AADHAR (UID project): Help Mr.Nilekani to meet his target

  1. Very Nice article ,I agree with the article that the UID is tied to the identity of the fingerprints and the reasons in the eyes. But our iris patterns change with age, disease or malnutrition. false fingerprints can be done easily. Therefore, the chances of those numbers altered. I read at http://www.lawisgreek.com/aadhaar-update-one-lakh-enrolments-till-now that this scheme has met good achievement to enroll more than 1 lakh in a short time span

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