Both Mobile and Fixed line to be 10 digit numbers

TRAI (Telephone regulatory authority india) is planning to have 10 digit number for fixed lines from 2012 (instead of present 8 numbers) . This is being planned to help demand from public the fixed lines and also to help for migration from fixed line to mobile line and vice versa.

The National Numbering Plan 2003 was designed to cover for 750 million connections, including 450 million mobile users, and was expected to last till 2030. But forecast of 450 million mobile numbers reached in 2009 itself and more demand strained the plan of TRAI.

If the 10 digit number is accepted for fixed lines , then for next 30 t0 40 years , there will not be any problem for giving new numbers to the subscriber. But TRAI is planning to control telecom operators not to have more than 30 lakh unutilised numbers in their cupboard.

So mobility of numbers not only from one operator to another will be allowed soon and we can expect mobility from fixed line to mobile line and vice versa also soon.

C. R. Venkata Ramani



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