Border Security Bill of Mr.Obama

Border Security Bill was converted into law by President Barrack Obama of America . The fact sheet that the White House issued, accompanying the President’s remarks, noted that the plan to secure the country’s southwest border included $600 million in supplemental funds for enhanced border protection and law enforcement activities; these additional resources would be mobilized permanently through “a temporary increase to the fraud prevention and detection fees for some employers seeking high-skilled foreign workers.” It would be financed by a $2000 visa fee hike for Infosys, Wipro and other Indian IT firms with operations in the USA for next five years.

As per the news report, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says “ method of payment, which is an increased visa charge for certain business-related visas, makes a lot of sense, because what it’s saying is that we’re going to make sure that we pay for immigration in this part of it, but we paid for it out of the visa system. That way it doesn’t come out of the general fund, which is necessary for so many other things.”

With the major Indian IT firms terming as discriminatory the new US Border Security Act targeting certain parts of the world, the Obama Administration has said the measure, which proposes a steep hike in some categories of H-1B and L-1 visa fees, “makes sense” and would in no way undermine “robust and vital” ties with India.

India’s software industry body Nasscom criticized the US Border Security Bill had logical flaws and was discriminatory in nature. Indian Commerce and Industry Minister, in a communication to US Trade Representative Ron Kirk, had said the visa fee hike was not a good step that would hurt the interest of Indian companies operating in the US.

The sponsor of the Bill, Democratic Senator Charles Schumer, also came in for sharp criticism from business leaders in both the U.S. and in India when he described Infosys as a “chop-shop.” This type of criticism might affect Ind0-American ties. When America is slowly getting more negative opinions around the world, it is right time for Americans to re-think and try to make more friends in the world. One should think whether America needs money from Indian IT firms to finance its border protection plans and it shows that America is in economic problem even to safeguard its border. America’s involvement in Afghanistan divert American’s money for battle which cannot be win at any time due to typical Afghanistan’s religious , cultural, neighbor nations intervention and inter-gang rivalry. Soviet Union tried to have some control over Afghanistan in the past but it could not do so due to America and Pakistan’s indirect support to militants there and now it is time for Russia to sit back and laugh as it had handed over the globe over America’s head to hold till it tires . In this quicksand, America along with its allies got trapped and millions of dollars and numerous American lives are put in stake. In the same way, American involvement in Iraq drained millions of American dollars.

If America thinks that it can control the whole world, it is possible only at the cost of American living standards which may go down very drastically due to diversion of American treasury to war fronts rather than improving average American’s living standard. Now China is coming up and it may replace Russia to be alternate to USA for nations against USA. America should allow another super power to survive so that global control can be in the hands of two instead of one. America has committed mistake in destabilizing the Russia. So it is high time for Obama administration to rework strategy and make USA to gain its previous popularity. Two super powers will help America to have partial control over world thus not allowing its economic condition to deteriorate.

Only advanced techniques in science and technology whether it is space oriented or software oriented will help America to capture world market for which it needed support from nations like India. Before long, Americans used to look and control giant industries like space machines, weapons, planes, power equipments, oil and gas etc. which are employment oriented. For health sectors, India is one of the destinations for America for cheap medical support with holidaying. One sided increase in visa in America will increase distance between Americans and Indians. For employment, lot of opportunities is there in the world including India where Americans can have control over Indian companies and reap profit. Insurance and other sectors are opening up now not only in india but throughout the world.

America should learn the lesson from its mother country Britain which controlled whole world by initially dominating in the commerce. Control of global key industries will keep America in top slot in the international politics and economics. They can take over small and medium software companies and employ Americans in the top and middle ranks in India and other countries thus keeping status, economic soundness and employment intact. Slowly safety of Americans is feared in most of the nations and it is due to the wrong policies of America. Indians are friendlier with Americans than many other nations and it is for American Govt to use this opportunity to convert this friendly atmosphere into economic advantage to America.

C. R. Venkata Ramani

(The ideas expressed here are the author’s personal viewpoint on the issue.)


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