Women Liberation – Housewives got the recognition

The Supreme Court has frowned upon the clubbing of `housewives’ with prostitutes, beggars and prisoners under the economically non-productive’ category in the Census of 2001, saying this betrayed the “totally insensitive” and “callous” approach of statutory authorities. Surprisingly, the description of home-makers as part of the non-productive category had so far gone unnoticed till now Supreme court intervened in a Motor vehicle Accident case. There is a growing demand to compute the value of services provided by home-makers. There is also increasing recognition of the unquantifiable service women provide by raising children.

“A wife/mother does not work by the clock. She is in constant attendance of the family throughout the day and night unless she is employed and is required to attend the employer’s work for particular hours. She takes care of all the requirements of husband and children including cooking of food, washing of clothes, etc. She teaches small children and provides invaluable guidance to them for their future life,” the Bench said.

Supreme court judges agreed that the compensation paid by a tribunal in a Motor accident case , Rs 2.4 lakh, to aggrieved for the death of his wife was too low as under Motor Vehicle Act provisions, the family was entitled to Rs 6 lakh thus rejecting the plea of insurance company of house wife’s category under non-productive work category thus raising the status of house wives with some economic value which is not defined but of highest value including morality.

Home Makers can smile now and it is great women Liberation in India though late. Morality of children will be good when home makers take care of their children without leaving children at the hands of maids and aayas etc.

C. R. Venkata Ramani


Source: Economic times report


2 thoughts on “Women Liberation – Housewives got the recognition

  1. Many thanks for the note. But while talking about liberation, you again went on to talk about a gender bias.

    >>>Morality of children will be good when home makers take care of their children without leaving children at the hands of maids and aayas etc.

    This is nothing but gender bias!

    1. Dear madam, Ofcourse the last line is irrelevant to the topic but the remark is only in respect of homemakers who are sitting in the house full day but leave the children at the hands of ayahs, creches etc. venkat

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