Green and Effective review meetings

One of the most common processes in any software development lifecycle is reviews, be it document reviews or code reviews. There are a few simple steps which can make meetings more effective as well as green. Here are a few such steps:

  1. The review object is sent across by author and a review invite is sent across at least 2 days prior to the actual review.
  2. In case, this is a complex object, the author gives a brief overview of what it is and what is accomplished.
  3. All reviewers review the object offline and note their comments either in the document itself or in a separate text document.
  4. For the above step all the reviewers can enter their comments in a single text document or each reviewer can have a separate document.
  5. On the day of the review, the author books a conference room. The author then shares the document on a laptop. No printouts or copies of the document are required.
  6. If the number of reviewers is more, the author will project the document on the projector.
  7. The reviewers would quickly collate the comments and go through the areas that need discussions.
  8. Finally, the moderator collates all the comments from the reviewers and finalizes the comments to be taken up.
  9. The author incorporates the review comments and releases the document after appropriate approval.

This way the meetings will not only be green, but also very effective.

Green Aspect

  • Reductions in paper usage as no printouts are taken.

Effectiveness Aspect

  • As all the reviewers come prepared with the comments, the meeting is very focused and effective.
  • Moderator can explain the reasons for acceptance or rejection of comments, making things very clear to the team.




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