Welcome to India without Visa

Those foreign nationals from Japan, New  Zealand, Singapore, Luxembourg and Finland are eligible to fly to India  without any Indian visa for tourist purpose and they will be charged  $60 for Visa on arrival basis. This facility is started by India from this new year 2010 in order to attract tourists from these countries. The tourists should have enough money to sustain his or her stay for the period shown in the tour itinerary.

This type of facility is already offered by many south-east Asian countries which is now copied by India s expected to give a good business for business community and tourism. The beneficiaries will be mainly hotels, commercial establishments in tourist places, tour agents etc. The main purpose of allowing this to Japan and Finland is to encourage people in those countries to come to India and understand its culture and religion and people as these nations are injecting huge investments in India.  Japanese firms like Suzuki, Honda and Nissan and Finland firms like Nokia and associate companies have invested good amount of money in India.

So Tourists from Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and Finland are welcome to India with a Namaste smile.

Know India, Know Indian people and know Indian culture. Small problems like beggars, insufficient infra structure may give little uncomfort to tourists but overall it should be a great tourism interest where religions like Hindu, Buddhism and Jainism are grown.

C R Venkata Ramani



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