Tax Information Network (TIN)

1.What is TIN?

TIN is Tax Information Network.

Tax Information Network (TIN), a repository of nationwide Tax related information, has been established by National Securities Depository Limited on behalf of Income Tax Department of India (ITD). TIN is an initiative by ITD for the modernization of the current system for collection, processing, monitoring and accounting of direct taxes using information technology.

TIN system:

TIN System

2.What is the use of it for tax payers?

TIN facilitates a PAN holder to view its Annual Tax Statement (Form 26AS) online. Form 26AS contains

  • Details of tax deducted on behalf of the taxpayer by deductors
  • Details of tax collected on behalf of the taxpayer by collectors
  • Advance tax/self assessment tax/regular assessment tax, etc. deposited by the taxpayers (PAN holders

3.What we have  to do for getting TIN registration?

Step 1:


Online Registration is a one time activity wherein, a PAN holder has to fill in & submit a Registration form online through the website –

The detailed procedure is as mentioned below:

  1. Select ‘registration’ option from online services menu.
  2. After entering all the details (PAN, User ID, Password, Contact details if any etc), click on ‘Submit’.
  3. On successful registration, an acknowledgement receipt will be displayed on screen.
  4. Save and print this acknowledgement receipt.

This registration request has to be authorized by a TIN-FC. Authorization means verification of Identity of a PAN Holder for the purpose of viewing Annual Tax Statement.

Step 2:

There are two choices. We can go personally to TIN Facilitation centre or We can call them to our place.  The list of Facilitation centres in Chennai are available in the said website. The approx. charge for registration at site of FC is  Rs.17/-  and charges at our site may be around Rs.110/-.

For getting registration request authorized by a TIN FC, PAN holder may choose either to

  1. Personally visit the TIN FC of his choice or
  2. Select a TIN FC to visit the PAN Holder for personal verification.
    • In this case, select any TIN-FC from a list of TIN-FCs who offer this facility in the city provided in contact address.
    • Facility of selecting a TIN FC to visit can be availed of only in those locations where a TIN-FC is present.
    • In this option, the PAN holder will be prompted to enter his contact details in the fields provided on the online registration form.

In registration form, a PAN within 15 calendar days of registration, otherwise, the registration will cease to exist and PAN holder will have to register online again.

. PAN holder personally visits a TIN-FC of his choice for authorisation

  1. PAN holder should personally visit a TIN-FC of his choice and present a print out of acknowledgement receipt generated onscreen at the time of registration of PAN, along with relevant proofs of identification as follows:

  1. *If PAN holder is a HUF, Karta of the HUF should visit TIN-FC in person and submit acknowledgement receipt.
  2. After identity of PAN holder is verified, he should sign in the space provided for signature of PAN holder in acknowledgement, in presence of the TIN-FC.
  3. TIN-FC will visually verify signature with signature on PAN card and thereafter, authorize the registration request online.
  4. PAN holder can also view the status of his registration on this website.

2. PAN holder selects a TIN FC to visit at his place for authorisation

  1. TIN-FC will contact PAN Holder within 24 hours of receipt of request and fix an appointment to visit PAN holder for verification of PAN. While fixing appointment, TIN-FC official will confirm address at which he will visit PAN holder.
  2. TIN-FC official visiting PAN holder will carry with him, a proof of identity document and an authorization letter on TIN-FC letter head issued by TIN-FC branch head for identification purpose.
  3. PAN holder should produce acknowledgement receipt generated on successful registration of PAN to TIN-FC official for verification along with relevant proof as follows:
  4. * If PAN holder is a HUF, Karta of the HUF should personally meet TIN-FC official for verification of identity process.
  5. As a part of verification process, PAN holder should sign on acknowledgement in presence of the TIN-FC official and write first four digits of his User Id in the specified column in acknowledgement form.
  6. The signature will be verified by the TIN-FC official with relevant signature proof of the PAN holder.
  7. On completion of verification, TIN-FC official will sign and stamp acknowledgement.
  8. PAN holder can access his account with User Id and password created by him at time of registration after three days after authorization by TIN-FC official.
  9. PAN holder can also view the status of his registration on this website.

For both modes, after three working days of authorization by TIN-FC, the PAN holder can login to the TIN central system and view Form 26AS. There is no charge for viewing Tax Credit online.


2 thoughts on “Tax Information Network (TIN)

  1. i have requested for PAN verification on nsdl website 02-03 times but i have not get it verified. Now as the form 26AS has been given on website in the internet banking id, i am trying to see it but it is giving message”no account to perform operation”. what should i do? my PAN is updated in sbi, is it because my PAN is pending for verification with TIN….pl help..satish

    1. Dear sir, Just check up with any TIN facilitation centres nearby. You can find the nearest TIN facilitation centres in the NSDL website. They can assist you and will complete the formalities. venkat

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