No cheers for Future Generation- Copenhagen Meet

The world is living on borrowed time like a cancer patient who refuses to give up smoking despite being told by doctors that it is the smoking which is the root cause. The only reason for some optimism is that the cancer has been detected at an early stage and there is still hope for recovery provided the right steps are taken at the earliest. Legally binding agreement is a must and it should be thrashed next year without fail.

In the recently concluded Copenhagen meet, India can be proud to be one permanent member among five .The other four are USA, China, Brazil and South Africa.  We can call it UN Climate Security Council. But it has no legal powers to insist on cutting emissions as promised. So it is a committee just to tell the world what is happening and who is failing as per the base papers which were taken note by all nations. The final accord provides for a list of non-binding emissions cut commitments from nations as they individually see fit and an equally vague list of funding promises. Even this accord is not accepted by all but all nations have taken note of it. The real sufferers are the small island nations who can see the Damocles’ sword hanging above their head and may fall any time and lose their identity in the world map. These poor nations are praying hard for better sense for political leaders at least in the next year. This meet has given China and India to come together to dictate terms with any bigger nation.

Main points in the deal:

1. A Global goal to reduce world emission by 50% by 2050.

2. Developed countries to set their emission targets by Feb2010. Adherence to targets would be subject to international monitoring.

3. Developing countries are to list their action to control emission with external assistance. Adherence to targets would be subject to external monitoring and verification by some local authorities following international standards without impinging on the sovereignty of nations.

4. Long term funding to the tune of $100 millions per year by 2020 and making available $10 million per year for short term funding from 2010 to the poorest and most vulnerable to climate change.

5.A review of the overall agreement in 2016.

So Year 2010 will tell something about countries plan of action. As per draft plan legislation of US, the emissions in USA will be reduced by a mere 20% from 2005 levels by 2020 which translates to a paltry 4% reduction from 1990 levels. Though the targets  for 2050 is kept at 83% reduction compared to 2005, the US initiative neither pleased the EU nor the developing countries. They seek minimum target of 30% to 40% to be achieved by USA by 2020. USA is not agreeing to it as it fears that it will hit its economy badly at this time of war logged America.

We pray to God on this Christmas for better sense for all to help future generation to enjoy life . We can celebrate 2010 as Environment safeguard year with positive minds submit their plans in Feb2010 to UN.

C R Venkata Ramani

Ref: some portion of the above are taken from Business standard /Business line of Dec09.


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