It is nice to be careful with original documents. But sometimes , it happens that we lose our precious documents like passport, driving license etc. along with out debit/credit cards due to theft or accident etc. In order to retrive them, the following procedure to be adopted:

The passport being the most valuable one and involve cautious dealings, one should report of loss of passport immediately to the nearest police station or passport office which issued this passport. Then one should apply for re-issue of passport from the nearest passport office. If you have photocopy of your passport, then it is easy to issue duplicate passport. If duplicate is not there, then it takes some time. If the passport is lost in a foreign country of your visit, then yo need to get an ‘emergency certificate’ issued from the mission or post of that country to travel back to India. In similar way, for driving license , we have to approach license issuing authority. If you have photo copy, it is easy to get quickly.If you do not have duplicate, then it is better to apply for fresh one instead of duplicate copy.For getting the duplicate copy of driving license, RTO may require FIR of lost license, application form with the requisite fees, physical fitness form and an attested copy of valid address proof.

For debit/credit cards, one should make it a point to note down the details of them including bank telephone numbers in a diary in the house as well as in mobile phone. This will help when debit/credit cards are lost and loss of precious time can be saved before the thieves act upon on the card for purchases. Call your banks as soon as you notice your loss of debit/credit card so that they can block the cards immediately thus preventing their misuse. Then you can ask them to re-issue the cards.

C.R. Venkata Ramani

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